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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 31, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ bundled up, and heading out tonight as the bay area rings in the new year, temperatures are plunging to some of the coldest this season. good evening, i'm gasia mikaelian, in for julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville, the countdown is on, with under 2 hours until the clock strikes midnight here in the bay area. it's going to be a cold one with near freezing temperatures in some spots. we're going to check in with christian kasten. >> in two hours, we'll have a
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freeze warning and a frost advisory. the coldest air since last february pushing into the region right now. as far as the plans right now, just see them looking out towards the san francisco bay, mostly clear skies with the live camera shows you that. right now in san francisco, it is 48 degrees. clear and cold. we do wrap up 2014, mostly clear skies. there's the temperature grow file throughout the evening hours by midnight. 32 to 35 degrees. here's a look at some of the current numbers. other sight in san francisco, showing you 49. so you get the idea. in the upper 40s. look at that, 33 degrees in napa. concord 39. san jose, right now 41. frost advisory begins at midnight for the bay shore line. this is for places like san mateo. the purple shade coming up for you, that is a freeze warning to reflect temperatures back down into the 20s. 25, the lower 30s out there for
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the inland valleys, the hills, and the santa clara valley. we'll take a look at the forecast lows in your neighborhood, also, how long this cold blast will last. thousands of people descends on downtown san francisco tonight, finding a spot to watch tonight's fireworks display. at the stroke of midnight, fireworks will light up the night sky on the waterfront. >> reporter: it's a little chilly. first off, let me teal you just about an hour or so ago about three dozen protesters showed up here at the foot of market. there is a contingent of san francisco police officers here on the scene. but take a look around right now, at the foot of market, you can see by far, most of the people who are here, are simply waiting for the festivities to begin, and waiting for that big fireworks show at midnight. the light show got underway as soon as the sun went down. >> we're down here for dinner, and probably watched the
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fireworks. >> reporter: the crowds here saying, they'll brave the chilly temps to ring in the new year. >> i'm from a san diego, so i had to brave in my pea coat and gloves. >> reporter: others actively sought out the cold. making a trip to the ice skating rink. it's practically balmy compared to yesterday's wind storm. >> how is tonight? >> not nearly as bad. >> reporter: plenty say they're gliding through the evening, waiting for the main event at midnight. >> we're planning on watching the fireworks. i want to plan to watch the fireworks. >> reporter: earlier today, crews worked to load the fireworks onto a barge, getting ready for the 15 minute show. >> the ultimate in celebration in my opinion. it's big, it's loud, it's colorful, and it's the way to bring in the new year. >> reporter: back on the
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embarcadero, the fans can't wait. >> happy new year. >> reporter: that is one excited kid. once the big show is over, you're going to have a ton of people try to get around the fly wheel is offering a special deal for new year's eve. a flat $10 rate. i just checked with uber. uber has not started their surge pricing yet. uber is also recommending that if you are going to be taking uber after new years that you try uber pool, or maybe try to go with other people to reduce the costs so you don't have to pay the surge pricing, if that's the case. caltrain and muni are both free tonight, and b.a.r.t. is running extended service until 3:00, there are lots of ways to get around after midnight. >> christian, thank you. now to jana katsuyama, also in san francisco at one of several big parties tonight to show us how folks are going to be ringing in the new year. >> reporter: frank, this is fran city hall like many people
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have never seen it. let me get out of the way and show you the light show. 10dj's here. tickets 100 to $200. the crowd is just now filling in, new year's eve. 10:00is still kind of early, but this is one of the many ways that people in the bay area are celebrating and ringing in the new year. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: the singing. the dancing, and fancy drinks were all part of the glamour tonight at parties throughout the city. at davey's hall for the symphony party and concert, the chance to bring out the formal wear, and enjoy the sparkling drinks brought out a spark of romance. >> it's a special place to come and enjoy new year's eve. especially if you have someone that you really love. >> reporter: one couple drove all the way from north of eugene, oregon. driving ten hours straight to celebrate the new year here. >> 7:00 yesterday evening, and we got here just in time for
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breakfast. >> we always hope that we're able to broaden our audiences constantly, and get new people in the door who might not have thought of coming to a symphony orchestra outright, but know someone like seth macfarlane. >> reporter: wine and liquor stores were ringing up sales tonight, as people rushed to buy bottles of champagne to ring in the new years at house parties. >> we didn't have any champagne in the house. i had to have my son check to see what time k and l closed. >> we sold a lot of cristal today. >> reporter: 300 bottles of champagne weren't the only things in demand. >> making fancy punch and that sort of thing. that's popular as well. >> reporter:s are people prepare to toast the new year, many are thankful. >> anything you're grateful for? >> my family. our health, yeah. >> peace, we need peace in the
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world. >> reporter: and the champagne is flowing. they have balloons ready for a balloon drop at midnight. a lot of people here, just enjoying the beautiful night in san francisco. >> it looks like it's going to be fun there, jana katsuyama live inside city hall in san francisco. jana, thank you. there's nothing like new york on new year's eve. about 1 million people watched the ball drop in times square, and then a ton of confetti came floating down. temperatures were in the high 20s, but when you factor in the windchill, it felt more like it was in the teens. but it didn't look like anyone there really minded. they've been corralled for hours with no portable toilets, no food, no alcohol. as you might expect, security was extremely tight with plenty of police. some in uniform, some undercover. here at home this new year's eve, one of the bay area's best loved restaurants
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reopened 6 months after being badly damaged in a fire. serving a special new year's eve dinner and expects to resume full service on friday. owner and chef, david kinch has spent 12 years in his kitchen, perfecting the dishes. he's clearly relieved tock back in action. >> this is what my passion is. that's what i've dedicated my life to, to be able to get back into it, and working with people i enjoy working with is a very pleasing moment for me. >> new year's eve has always been a special tradition. and he's hoping 2015 will enjoy the momentum. with a freeze warning in effect for parts of the bay area overnight. gardeners have been making sure that their plants are protected. at green jeans garden supply, the owner covered cactus with a
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special insulating cloth. others got a coating of a spray with a natural polymer that protects them from the cold. they also recommend to give your plants a good watering before the freezing arrives. >> that will help to insulate. >> garden experts also say you can place tender plants underneath a table or under the eves of your house to protect them from the frost. plenty to clean up fromle following yesterday's wind storm. in burlingame, the wild winds toppled huge eucalyptus trees. similar scenes played out all over the bay area. contractors say it could be self-days before all of those downed trees around the bay area are cut, chipped, and hauled away. the waves are being blamed for the death of a harbor
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patrol officer. the officer was on a boat that was about to run aground in avalon harbor. he tried to jump ashore, but missed, and was pinned between the hull and the rocks. deputies found another body. that individual was a man who lived aboard a boat in the harbor. now to a normally quiet corner of san mateo county, a long time bay area police commissioner is facing several felony charges tonight. in an unusual twist, his property has been declared unsafe due to hoarding. rob ross spoke with the commissioner who says the whole investigation is quote, a witch hunt. >> here in broadmoor, a small uncrave. they arrested the man who owns them. he was also once police chief. >> rob roth from channel 2. >> reporter: johnson, who is 74
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years old, denies doing anything wrong. >> it's a witch hunt between the incompetent chief of police that's there. >> i don't have anything else to say. >> reporter: police seized at least one computer guns and other items from johnson's homes and cars. the charges include falsifying identification, and receiving stolen property. a police source says investigators are checking his computer, but won't say what they're looking for. >> did you feel you're innocent of these charges? yes, sir. >> they said you had falsified identification. is that true? >> no, sir. >> reporter: the health department has deemed johnson's houses unsafe, because they say he's a hoarder. >> i don't have any comment. >> reporter: still neighbors say they're surprised police hauled johnson away in handcuffs. >> a very good neighbor. we all like him and appreciate him. we're sorry to hear any bad news about him. >> reporter: johnson isn't due
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in court until early february. but the next police commission hearing is set for january 13. in broadmoor in san mateo county, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. the antioch police department has lost a former member of the force. 4 was part of the k-9 department before retiring. he died yesterday at the age of 14, which is a pretty long life for a dog. thor was working with officer matthew harger. on the facebook page, officer harger is quoted as saying, even though thor was injured, he immediately engaged the suspect, and held onto him during a continued gun fight. that night, without a doubt, thor saved our lives. there is no other story that can top that. a text said she had been forced into prostitution. how one teen's plea to her parents led to the arrest of a 19-year-old girl.
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>> we told you about firefighters touching response to one family's christmas disaster. now learn how the fire that took their home helped reunite them with a friend they hadn't seen in 30 years. >> christmas. christmas day. that's the worst. >> reporter: next, threats against police. how one bay area department is changing its patrol to keep officers safe.
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bulldog: the red tags mean save up to 40% on clearance mattresses. get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. pup: i found a red tag! [laughter] bulldog: mattress discounters' year end clearance sale ends soon! some bay area police are taking special measures to protect the public and
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themselves tonight. ktvu's azenith smith live in downtown l.a. with how threats on social media are targeting police. >> reporter: these threats are not specific to san jose police, but law enforcement across the country. here in downtown san jose, we've seen several police cars with two officers inside, patrolling the area. it's added awareness as these parties will soon get underway. as party goers in downtown san jose usher in the new year. police are marking it with caution, as law enforcement across the country are facing new threats. >> we did receive information that some of these threats did involve new year's eve 2014 specifically. >> reporter: san jose police officers will be working two person crews. it's immediate backup if needed. it's a move never done in the department's history. calling for violence against the police. posts circulating on social
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media, using # #-- hashtags including new year's eve massacre. >> we want to ensure the safety of our officers is of utmost importance. >> reporter: incoming mayor, sam liccardo supports the police chief's plan. >> it's unfortunate, that major city chiefs like our own are put in the position where they have to double up in order to keep officers safe out there. >> reporter: this comes after two new york police officers were gunned down earlier this month by a man who referenced the police shootings of michael brown, and eric garner. >> this year, we saw a 24% increase in officer deaths. we've seen an increase in officer ambushes. attacks on officers, and certainly, this is the culmination of a lot of threats to do so. >> reporter: he says pairing up will not only keep his family and other families safe, but could also hold officers more accountable for their actions. >> two police officers there, they'll keep each other in check. >> reporter: the plan is just for today into tomorrow. san jose police can't do it
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every day because of staffing levels. sam liccardo is actually doing a ride along with police just after midnight tonight to see first and, their conditions and their response time. new information about a a man who was killed monday night in berkely. he was hit by a shotgun blast about 9:45 on monday night. it happened on san pablo avenue about a block north of university avenue. middleton was a marketing executive and a paraplegic. another victim identified as a 28-year-old woman is currently hospitalized in stable condition. the killing may have had something to do with a medical marijuana robbery. some positive news coming out of oakland, where violent crime dropped significantly this year. the police department says oakland had its lowest number
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of homicides in 14 years. 80 people were killed this year, compared to 89 who were killed last year. that's a drop of 10%. robberies were down 31%. burglaries declined 29%, and shootings dropped 13%. mayor jean quan credits city programs that are focused on violent criminals and a boost in community policing. the family who lost everything in a christmas fire has found they have a long lost connection with one of the people who reached out to help in their time of need. ktvu's ann reuben now on the reunion. >> look at our christmas day. >> reporter: it was christmas day when their apartment burned. since then, he and his fiance, jamie, have been astounded by the generosity of others. >> by the blessings of god, when we're down to our left, somebody will call and say hey, i've got a donation for you. >> reporter: first, gifts for their grandkids, and now this. the owner of the half breed clothing company saw the news
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and found out, jamie's only sweatshirt bore his logo. >> the very next day, i reached out, and i was like, i have to do something. if that's the only shirt they have, i might as well put a bunch of shirts on them, and make sure they have something to wear. >> reporter: he arranged to donate a box of clothing to this family that lost everything. it wasn't until later that he realized who they were. >> he realized when i said hey, rudy, you're donating clothes to us. >> i've been good. >> reporter: as it turns out, rudy, oprah, and jamie all went to high school together in san jose. they just hasn't seen each other since 1984. >> we get to see each other, and we also get to thank him. but then it's almost like a little mini reunion. >> i would have done it for anybody in that situation. christmas. you know, christmas day. that's the worst. that's pretty bad. >> reporter: both oprah and
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jamie are working full time and have yet to find a new apartment. the clothes were something they desperately needed. they were down to their last $6 yesterday, and say this couldn't have come at a better time. >> there's always somebody out there willing to help you in a time of need. whether you know them or not. >> reporter: the couple believes a roommate's candles may have started the fire in their shared apartment. ann reuben, ktvu, channel 2 news. well temperatures continue to fall off rapidly across parts of the bay area. you get the reason here. the satellite clouds moving from north to south. a fairly good idea the air is coming from the north. that is a cold direction. really settling into the bay area right now. current numbers updated a big difference here. you can see livermore, still in the upper 40s. 49degrees. concord 39. san francisco though, 49 degrees. and look at napa, back down to the lower 30s.
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33. so new year's eve chill out there with mostly clear skies. we talked about the freeze warning in place for parts of the bay area, especially for parts of the inland spots. overnight lows dropping back down to the 20s and 30s. tomorrow morning, most likely the coolest morning, the coldest morning since february. as far as you can see napa, 25 degrees. santa rosa, 26. freezing in san rafael, and kentfield. even right around the bay, low to mid-30s. san jose, under that freeze warning that begins at midnight, the forecast low of 31. sunnyvale, 33 degrees. even san francisco eventually back down into the upper 30s. 39. half moon bay checks in a forecast low of 38 degrees. first thing tomorrow morning for january 1. coming up at 10:45, let you know how long this rain blast will last. hackers tried to stop it, now sony is sending "the
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interview" far and wide. the new places you'll be able to see the movie as early as tomorrow. >> up first, candles are lit for the passengers and crew of that plane that crashed in the java sea. tonight, a new possible explanation for what went wrong.
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a somber candlelight gathering in indonesia tonight. it's where a large crowd gathered to mourn the victims of the airasia plane crash. 5,000 candles were lit, and prayers were said in a place that traditionally hosts a new year's celebration. so far, fewer than a dozen bodies have been recovered. new information about a new maneuver that may have pushed the limits of that plane before
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the crash. >> a day after significant progress was announced, today, officials back tracked on reports that sonar had possibly located the plane underwater. and this new year's eve brought more grief for families and more bodies recovered. two caskets numbered 001, and 002 were escorted by an honor guard as they arrived in the same city where flight 8501 took off on sunday. cnn reports 10 bodies have been recovered by search crews. anguished families awaited word. >> my mother and my sister and my brother-in-law and his whole family and my inlaw to be. soon total, 7 people. >> families were asked to provide dna as a morgue has been established to identify the bodies. it's been hampered by moon soon
10:26 pm
conditions over the java sea. >> do you think that the numbers of bodies recovered will be growing rapidly soon? >> translator: we don't know. because the victims, i believe most of them are still inside the aircraft, and they have their safety belts buckled. we hope the evacuation process will go fast. >> reporter: until the airbus and the black box are located the cause cannot be known. but witnesses said the plane made an unbelievably steep climb before contact was lost, suggesting the plane may have stalled. the hope that he will see his 81-year-old mother again, he says is lost. >> translator: i am very sad. of course. i am devastated. >> reporter: today we learned the debris spotted on tuesday, and relocated today had drifted
10:27 pm
30 miles during that time span. the rescuers are hopeful their recovery operation can resume today with clearer weather forecast. >> all those families, wow kent thank you. sony says it's expanding the release of "the interview" to more theaters, satellite, and cable starting tomorrow. sony says the film will soon be available at 580 theaters, as well as through on demand services, including comcast, and at&t u verse. sony pulled the movie in the fates of cancelations by theaters. the film is a comedy about an assassination attempt on north korea dictator kim jung un. a 19-year-old girl arrested on human sex trafficking. how text messages led to this downtown hotel. >> the message from police
10:28 pm
officers as they look for drunk drivers tonight. >> a reminder, you can get ktvu news to go. download our new ktvu app, click that live icon, and watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device.
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happening now, we'll bring you live pictures this new year's eve, as crowds continue to pack san francisco's embarcadero. it will showcase 5,000 fireworks in a show that runs 15 minutes long. you can see a lot of people kind of milling about, studying the stake out is spots. christian kasten is there, we'll check in with him. the message is out tonight, don't drink and drive.
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oakland pd are looking for anyone who is driving when they shouldn't be. a dui arrest can cost thousands of dollars, not including jail time. police say it's just not worth it. >> good evening. we're conducting a driver's license dui check point tonight. have you had anything to drink tonight? >> no. >> reporter: when our photographer was there, no one was detained for dui. law enforcement plan to saturate the roads and freeways looking for intoxicated drivers. they say it's best to name a designated driver. for the second time this month, a teenage girl forced into prostitution far from home has been found in san rafael. ktvu's mike mibach tells us, it was actually a text message that led to her being arrested. >> reporter: down in san rafael, inside police headquarters, there was a phone call. >> we were contacted by an fbi agent. >> reporter: the agent was very specific. >> they had information that
10:32 pm
there was a juvenile who was texting their parents saying that she was being forced into prostitution and was currently in san rafael. >> reporter: the victim texted on her phone how she was too scared to run away, saying they night hurt me. the fbi told officers the victim and her captors were last known to be in this san rafael area known as the canal. they moved the investigation west into the downtown area. within hours, they found exactly what they were looking for. >> one of our common areas is the transit center. >> reporter: so officers immediately began to scan the area. >> we accept brighted both parties. >> reporter: lisa marie riley, who uses the transit hub was taken back by the closeness of the crime. >> i have a child of my own. it blows me away that our
10:33 pm
humanity has come down to that. where that's still, you know, going on. >> reporter: the one suspect in custody, 19-year-old samantha johns, the second suspect still nowhere to be found. just last week, san rafael police found a 16-year-old from seattle who was being forced to turn tricks in a nearby hotel room. >> these underage girls are really talked into, and tricked into that kind of lifestyle. >> reporter: the 17-year-old was reported missing, did say she would be reunited with her family very soon. in san rafael, mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. san jose police say they've made an arrest in a string of car fires in the south bay. this is one of those fires. it's an suv that's burning on baskam avenue on monday. police haven't released the person's name. they say the case is ongoing. two more cars were burned later that night. investigators are trying to determine if there is a link
10:34 pm
between these fires and at least three other car fires last night. the last day of the year is always a time to look back. 2014 brought the bay area more than its share of controversy, tragedy, and celebration. ktvu's claudine wong with some of the biggest stories over this past year. >> reporter: there are images from 2014 that are hard to forget. from raging fires like the one that destroyed this san francisco construction project. to the police shooting protests that overtook our city streets and freeways. there were the scandals. in silicon valley, all eyes were on the woman described as a high end prostitute, and the tech exec who died after she allegedly injected him with heroin. we saw politicians become defendants, most notably, leyland yee. and ryan chamber line, who feds say had bomb making materials in his russian hill apartment.
10:35 pm
cautions over ebola, healthcare, and immigration reform. mother nature took headlines with the 6.0 earthquake that caused widespread damage in napa and solano counties. and the drought still has us all reeling and conserving. there was tragedy. thomas smith was mistakenly shot and killed. >> it's very difficult to express in words, i think, how much sorrow you're feeling right now, and how much pain. >> reporter: there are stories we still don't understand, including the isla vista rampage that took the lives of three students. >> it personally affected every single student in a different way. >> reporter: stories of survival. who can forget the 15-year-old stowaway who made it all the way from san jose to maui in the wheel well of a plane. >> we have an individual here. a guy is claiming to have stowed away in the landing gear from san jose to maui. >> reporter: sports gave us a lot to talk about. the niners began the year with
10:36 pm
that crushing nfc championship loss. saying goodbye to the stick, hello to levi, and goodbye to harbaugh. and of course we that giants world series championship. >> giants win! >> reporter: things we said goodbye to also came back. the blue angels returned. we found new ways to get to the same place via the oakland airport b.a.r.t. connector. this year, we connected through social media more than ever. we dumped ice buckets on our heads, and even searched for treasure, thanked to the no longer mysterious, hidden cash tweeter. even hollywood made headlines as the movie "the interview" had president obama and north korea at odds. >> good morning vietnam! >> reporter: and 2014 broke our hearts with the loss of robin williams. he lived and died in tiburon.
10:37 pm
the loss of a man who spent his life making all of us laugh is too hard to put into words. i told you about the system that will have us waking up to the cold this morning in almost a year. find out when we can expect to see warmer temperatures return to the forecast. >> but up first, the new year's day tradition. the tournament of roses parade. what organizers are having to do a little differently this year. the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned...
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pen. hurry in to the sign then drive event and get a five-hundred dollar new year's bonus on select new volkswagen models. offer ends january 2nd.
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the cold weather could make it a long night for folks in pasadena who are already staking out spots for tomorrow's tournament of roses parade. makers are using extra glue just in case. as for spectators, temps could plunge into the lower 30s. and parade early birds are cautioned to bundle up, if they spend the night out there on the sidewalk. a coalition is posing a bid to host the 2024 olympic games. the group is called no on 2024. saying the money spent would be better spent on schools, healthcare and transportation. the coalition threatened putting the matter before bay area voters to make sure no
10:41 pm
public funds are spent for the games. san francisco, los angeles, boston, and washington, d.c. are in the running. the olympic committee is expected to announce its choice next month, with the international community picking the venue in 2014. san jose mayor elect liccardo revealed some key members of his staff. he selected people who worked with him in the city council, and some outgoing members of the mayor. the new chief of staff is jim reed, who has been the vice president of the silicon valley chamber of commerce. pete constant will serve as a part time senior adviser. and rue wirkon is a holdover from chuck reed's administration, and will serve as the senior policy adviser for land use and economic development. late selling sent the stock market down on the last day of 2014. trading was very light this new
10:42 pm
year's eve. but when the closing bell rang, the markets still made gains for the year. the dow jones rose 7.4% higher. and the nasdaq even more. 13.4%. investors get back to work on friday. since the markets are closed tomorrow for the holidays. a horrible situation overseas. a stampede kills at least 35 people in shanghai china. afterward, there was a broken bicycle, and debris left as evidence. in addition to the 35 deaths, 43 others were injured. many of them students. one witness said it started when people scrambled for what looked like money being tossed out of a third floor window. it's a favorite with giants fans. still ahead, the word that a popular sports bar is closing, and making a pretty big move. >> back with the extended forecast for the first week of
10:43 pm
2015. >> up first though, we'll take you back to san francisco for a live update from the embarcadero, as crowds continue to gather for tonight's fireworks. female announcer: it's time to make room for the new mattress models! during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale, get beautyrest, posturepedic even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up and removal of your old set. why wait for the new models? sleep train's year end clearance sale is on now! ...guaranteed! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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a dazzling display in dubai with the world's tallest building as the star attraction as the united arab emirates welcomed in 2015, dubai set out to break the record for the largest l.e.d. display in the spectacular light show. the people from guinness were on hand to see. >> that was spectacular. north korea joined in the new year's eve celebration with its own fireworks show. this is the third national new year's eve event in the nation's history. in paris, fireworks set off
10:46 pm
at the arc de triumph. signaling the first moments of the new year. for the french, the new year holiday lasts for the next month, with food, and drinks, and gifts, and cards with well wishers. a whole month. a big party as always along the embarcadero. >> reporter: i think i might have gotten the assignment of the night. a party atmosphere out here. it seems like the accessory of the evening are these flashing lights. you might be able to see somebody over here to our left selling them and everybody seems to be buying those, and putting them on. they all say 2015. we've seen a lot of those. a lot of really good attitude out here. people seem to be excited about the oncoming new year. tonight, obviously, chilly night. we've seen a lot of sweaters, we've seen a lot of jackets, a lot of stars, a lot of people bundling up for the cold
10:47 pm
weather. the latest we've heard from the fire swrks show producers, light winds blowing to the east. we have perfectly clear skies here above the embarcadero, so the show should be spectacular. it should be a great show for everybody. again, that show gets underway midnight tonight. lasts for about 15 minutes, and they're promising, it's going to be a spectacular show. >> i was there last year, and it was great last year. >> couldn't ask for better weather. >> exactly, thanks christian. a popular east bay sports bar announced it's closing. a go to spot for fans to watch games and wet their whistles. this video was taken during the world series. it was named after giants first baseman, willie mccovey. they plan to move near at&t
10:48 pm
stadium. the mavericks surf competition opens tomorrow. but this year, there will be no public festival at the big wave competition. unforeseen circumstances and challenges are what forced the change. they plan to announce sometime soon how fans can watch the surf contest. in the past, there's been a live internet stream. the festival has been held in half moon bay for the past couple of years. that move came after people at the beach at pillar point were knocked down by a rogue wave in 2010. well, we are wrapping up 2014. some very cold numbers. we're going to start 2015 with cold numbers out there as well, with freeze warnings and frost advisories. the frost advisory begins at midnight for places like san mateo, oakland, hayward, and fremont. as you work your way north. we have a freeze warning to show you temperatures mainly in the 20s, to the low 30s. there is a chance that could be extended once again into friday
10:49 pm
morning. current numbers out there showing you this. santa rosa, 38 degrees. san francisco, 49. we'll show you a few more locations up in the north bay with more spots. napa down to 33 degrees. petaluma mid-30s. san rafael checking in 41. more neighborhoods around the bay. there's that san francisco in the upper 40s. oakland in the upper 30s. fremont, just changed to 42 degrees, and the inland spots, coming up for you, livermore in the upper 40s. walnut creek in the upper 30s. the south bay neighborhoods, san jose checking in 41. more neighborhoods in the upper 30s to the 40s as you can see. everybody cooling off, but some neighborhoods really cold out there, especially up in the north bay. our live camera looking now towards san francisco in the clear. great weather for the fireworks show. you still may want to bundle up over the next few hours. that freeze warning we talked about tomorrow morning and a dry weekend. up in napa throughout the day, you can see temperatures starting off the day. for thursday morning, mid-20s on track to reach the lower 50s. this area of low pressure
10:50 pm
produced snow in southern california today. some very strong winds. cold air moving in behind it really impacting the bay area forecast. no big change for tomorrow. no big change into friday. we'll gradually warm things up a little bit into the weekend. but as you can see, the forecast model, we are keeping things completely dry thursday, friday, and into the weekend. we start out 2015 with dry conditions, and some very cold numbers. we talked about that tomorrow morning. 7:00, mid-20s to the 30s, to right around 40 degrees. still pretty chilly at 10:00 in the morning. then into the afternoon hours, lots of sunshine. there's the eventually temperature range by 4:00, low to mid-50s. after the frigid start to the year, you see temperatures back up in the low to mid-50s. san jose tops out 54. half moon bay, 53 degrees. a look ahead, your five-day forecast. still some morning freeze friday. then lots of sunshine into saturday. you'll notice temperatures, if you do want some relief, we're going to warm things up into
10:51 pm
the weekend and into monday. great weather tonight for the fireworks. typically talking about fog or rain clouds. not the case tonight. many bay area cities are gearing up for annual christmas tree recycling programs starting next week. in general, they want people to remove the sand, tinsel, and decorations. in many cities people can put their tree on the curb. there are exceptions though. for information on where to recycle, or tree-cycle in your town, just visit our website, mark's off tonight. scott's in. nothing like hockey when two rivals are playing each other. >> new year's eve pucks and new year's eve bowl games as well. it's no secret. the sharks and ducks don't like each other. when they meet chippiness is the norm. tonight, there was more traffic in the penalty box than in times square. that's not really true. but there were 15 penalties in the game. 1st period, rips one,
10:52 pm
redirected by joe pavelski. 1-0 sharks. mid-1st. clayton stoner knocks joe thornton out. jumbo, obviously pain. skates off, and does not return. more bad blood to end the 2nd. he finishes the check encorey perry, who gives tommy a stick to the back of the head. on the ensuing power play, it's actually a two man advantage for the sharks. with just two seconds left, 5 on 3, pavelski got it. his second of the night. 10th power play goal of the year. that's tops in the league. sharks win 3-0. jim harbaugh is gone. he's not coming back. time to move on. the 49er coaching search is in full effect. it just might include a big name with bay area history. csn bay area reporting niner gm, trent balki spoke with mike shanahan yesterday. shanahan won two super bowls
10:53 pm
with the broncos, but had little success in other coaching stints. bowl season heating up with a couple of great games and the worst tackling you have ever seen on one football play. check it out next.
10:54 pm
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10:56 pm
welcome back, everybody. a good orange bowl match up between two 10 win teams. mississippi state and georgia tech. psychological advantage, bulldogs, because the bull approved the use of cow bells by fans. final play of the 1st half, tech up 8. hail mary time. going to chuck it up toward the end zone. follow the bouncing football. there it is, and there it is. fred ross, thank you. cue the cow bells. it's a 1 point game. 3rd quarter, georgia tech blows it open. davis, watch this, a missed tackle, missed tackle. davis goes 69 yards for one of his three scores on the day. 49-34 is your final. tech a winner. fiesta bowl. 1st quarter, the old statue of
10:57 pm
liberty, that's tricky. 16yards, weaves his way into the end zone. they led 31-17 at the half, but back come the cats. late in the 3rd quarter, anew solomon has a whole lot of time. surveys, surveys, rolls, throws 59 yards. grant got it, touchdown arizona. 38-27. now the cats down just 8. final seconds, 3rd and goal. just can't take a sack. he took a sack. clock runs out, game over. boise state wins 38-30. how about the peach bowl? ole miss, tcu. a little more trickery. the old double pass. downfield to aaron green 7-0 tcu. the defense coming up big. don't take the safety, that's good. but this is even worse. really? that's a touchdown the other way. >> that was a tough day for mississippi and mississippi
10:58 pm
state. >> a bad day for the magnolia state. >> thank you scott. and thank you for joining us tonight. coverage at, and happy new year!
10:59 pm
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